Our business are as follows but not limited to:

Eco Friendly Women Hygiene Products /
Washable Diapers for children and adult

      We accept OEM and private label of:

  • Washable sanitary pad of minky fabric 
  • Disposable biodegradable pad
  • Nursing pad
  • Natural ingredients of feminine hygiene wash
  • Mini and large wetbag
  • Washable adult diaper Velcro and string of bamboo charcoal fabric
  • Washable incontinence pants
  • Washable baby diaper all in one and Velcro of minky and bamboo charcoal fabric

Community Development Program

benefiting society in a sustainable way

  • ATHENA EMPOWERS: Athena Empowers addresses neglected women specific sanitation needs in its own right. Menstrual hygiene management can also act as a mean to increase girls’ school engagement and create a foundation for good reproductive health choices throughout her life.   
  • ATHENA REACH: We replicate the new way of supporting women and youth to create a community business by providing digital literacy, supply chain and management training to the underprivileged communities. 
  • ATHENA ENGAGE: An engaging get together sessions for subscribers, volunteers and associates to be part of our cause.
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