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Important stuff you want to know about cloth pads. Part 02.

Some common questions most asked us about cloth pads.

1. How do I find the right pad for my needs?

Typically, the most important factor is the absorbency level of the pad. You can go with a thinner pad with lighter coverage if you have a very light flow or just need a backup for a menstrual cup or tampons, and go for thicker pads if you have a heavier flow. One way to get started is to measure the disposable pads that you like and order similar-sized cloth pads.

2. How many cloth pads will I need?

Most of us want to have an assortment of pads in our stash to cover the entire menstrual cycle. While the number you’ll need will vary based on how long your period lasts and the heaviness of your flow, most reusable pad makers recommend about a dozen pads, give or take. For example:
• Three to six pantyliners.
• Six to twelve-day pads.
• One to three overnight pads

3. Will cloth pads leak?

Cloth pads are made to be very absorbent. They are typically made with wings that snap around the underwear to keep the sides of the panties dry. Some pad companies include a waterproof backing with their pads but believe it or not, it is not necessary depending on your flow level.

Of course, just like disposable pads, you need to change them out before they become totally saturated. After wearing reusable pads for just a short while, you’ll have a good idea of how often you will need to change them.

4. Are cloth pads comfortable?

Most users of reusable cloth pads go on and on about how comfortable they are compared to disposables, which can feel clammy. Reusable pads are very soft and breathable. This exchange of air can leave you feeling dry and with less chafing and irritation.

Some users say the breath-ability makes them much cooler to wear than disposable pads, with their heat-trapping plastic parts.

5. How often should I change my cloth pad?

You will probably need to change your reusable pad one to six times a day. You will know it is time to switch out the pad if it starts to feel wet next to your skin. Naturally, the heavier your flow, the more often you will have to change pads. The lighter your flow, the longer you can get away with between changes

6. How do I deal with pad changes when I’m away from home?

Thanks to the wings with snaps on most pads, they fold up into perfect little squares that you can pack away in your purse. You probably will want to carry a plastic bag with you when it is your time of the month. Better still, use our Athena wet bag to keep the pads.

7. I have a very heavy flow. Can I use cloth pads?

Yes, in fact, cloth pads can be extremely absorbent. If you have a favorite overnight disposable pad, take a measurement of it and then look for a cloth pad that’s the same length or longer.

8. Can I wear reusable pads when swimming?

Unfortunately, no. Just like disposable pads, cloth pads will absorb the water, making them soggy and ineffective for period protection.

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