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How Cloth Pad Is An Economical Choice

We had run through some research on what is the main reason people hesitated to SWITCH to cloth pad and we have found out that the #1 reason is THE COST OF GETTING STARTED.

People have been made aware that cloth pads are saving a load of money in the long run. Other than its other benefits such as saving the environment, health, and many more, we are gonna be doing some maths on how the cost is breaking down smaller and comparing disposable pads with cloth pads.


If you were to compare the cost of using cloth pads vs the cost of disposables for a time span of 5 years, here’s what you could expect *:

  • 5 years
  • 2 Liberty Kit ( a complete set for a cycle ) – RM398
  • Disposable pads – RM 600
  • * Assuming
  • > 7 days = 1 cycle
  • > average 2x changing per day
  • > average costs disposable pads RM5/pack

Results show that how in the longer run, cloth pads would save you more money than getting disposable ones.



(on a budget)

1. Start with pantyliners for light days — they’re usually the cheapest and a way to try brands out.

2. Take advantage of free offers & new customer deals

3. Buy in bulk when you can; value kits mean savings!

4. Become a cloth pad stalker! Peek at brands’ social media to see sales and giveaway announcements.

5. Buy 1 at a time. You’re already saving while reducing waste gradually.

Remember back in the day when we’d all carry home our groceries in plastic bags? Or take our coffee to-go in a disposable cup? And then we started buying reusable grocery bags, one at a time maybe. And then we invested in a reusable lidded coffee mug.

Well, the tide is changing for how we care for our periods, too. And even if the SWITCH has to happen one pantyliner at a time, what matters is that it happens at all.

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