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Important stuff you want to know about cloth pads. Part 02.

Some common questions most asked us about cloth pads. 1. How do I find the right pad for my needs? Typically, the most important factor is the absorbency level of the pad. You can go with a thinner pad with lighter coverage if you have a very light flow or just need a backup for

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How do you talk to your daughter about her first period

Many of us probably remembered when and where we got our first period. And we would probably also wish we’d been a little more prepared. If your daughter is approaching her first period, how can you help her be prepared so it will not embarrass her or yourself too? Here are some tips on how

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Athena Angels

In Greek methodology, Athena is the goddess of wisdom. She was the favorite child of Zeus, blessed with beauty, intelligence, courage, and wisdom. She was a warrior who stood alongside men to defend her beloved city of Athens and her people. She was also widely praised for her generosity and compassion and celebrated as the

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How Cloth Pad Is An Economical Choice

We had run through some research on what is the main reason people hesitated to SWITCH to cloth pad and we have found out that the #1 reason is THE COST OF GETTING STARTED. People have been made aware that cloth pads are saving a load of money in the long run. Other than its

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Cloth pad embracing the environment

Cloth pads are a better choice for the environment than single-use disposable pads. Particularly if you are also washing them with minimal impact. If the environment is an important concern for you, here are some points to consider. Cloth pads are good for the planet. The average woman will use 12,000 to 16,000 disposable pads,

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Important stuff you want to know about cloth pads. Part 01.

If you’re new to cloth pads, you probably have lots of questions! Learn the how and why behind using cloth menstrual pads here, plus find answers to the most common questions about making the switch. We have prepared here the most Frequently Asked Question about cloth pads. 1. What is the difference between reusable and

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