Athena Empowers

Athena Angels

In Greek methodology, Athena is the goddess of wisdom. She was the favorite child of Zeus, blessed with beauty, intelligence, courage, and wisdom. She was a warrior who stood alongside men to defend her beloved city of Athens and her people. She was also widely praised for her generosity and compassion and celebrated as the patron of the arts and crafts.

Athena was chosen as an inspiration for girls to embody her spirit. Our Athena Angles are brave, smart, intelligent, adventurous, and confident. They know what they want in life and are not afraid to chase it.

It makes them special. They have what it takes to be a victorious, independent, fearless woman. It is all about loving yourself and having confidence and strength from within.

With these values to live by, Athena Angels represent the true self-realization of girls in general. Taking in the responsibility to speak up for others in raising up to the challenges faced by girls today.

Learning how to speak up for yourself is an important part of growing up. Your voice and opinions matter! Letting others know your thoughts and feelings will help you feel stronger and more confident.

“The voice is a muscle that needs to be used regularly to remain healthy and to become strong. The more girls are encouraged to use their voice in day-to-day life, the more prepared they will be to use it at moments in their lives when the stakes are really high. ” – —Anea Bogue, self-esteem expert, and author.

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